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María Luisa Bemberg was born in the City of Buenos Aires on 14 April 1922 into a traditional family closely related to the industrial and business sectors as well as the arts. However, and according to what was at that time a customary practice for young women, she did not receive a formal education. This lack of formal education was compensated by a relentless intellectual thirst for curiosity which allowed her to acquire an extensive intellectual knowledge. At 22 years old, she married Carlos Miguens, an architect, and had four children. During those years, she was progressively feeling that being just "Mrs. …" left a great empty feeling inside her. In spite of loving her children dearly, she believed they were not enough for achieving her self-realization; as she once stated "only after having four children you know it's not enough"...[read more]

His work

"As regards formal aspects, Bemberg was setting her own aesthetics, the "woman's look" with which she had dreamed of"
Leonor Calvera